About Karen

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Hi! My name is Karen Nash and I am a Medium. I have been given the gift of talking to those now in the Spirit World. This gift found me, it wasn’t something I was looking for but something I had always believed in.

We can all think of things that have happened throughout our lives that we put down to fate, destiny or just perfect timing. Me too! I always knew that things happened for a reason, I just hadn’t been aware of the whole picture. Not until a massive change in our lives, brought about the signs, awareness and intensity of something I was a believer in, to something I am now passionate about. Something that completes me.

Knowing that my loved ones are still around as a viable source of my protection, guidance and healing, is a comfort to me. The added bonus for me is my ability to see, hear, feel and know they are there. Something that I know not everyone understands or believes in, and that is their journey, but I feel blessed to use my gift to bring comfort, clarity and healing to those that have lost a family member or friend, to reassure them that spirit are never far away, our souls have an eternal connection and love never dies.

Spirit have chosen me for a reason, some days I’m not sure why! But with my hand on my heart I can truly say that my life would not be the same without Spirit in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. To the people that have made my journey what it is so far I am Thankful and for those I am yet to meet, I am excited about sharing our lives to grow, comfort and heal together, in whatever form that may be.

So with Spirit by my Side the journey continues…………