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Spiritual Basics Workshop

This is a 4 hour workshop teaching you the basics to feel safe beginning your Spiritual Journey.

It covers What is Spirituality, Protection, Grounding, Chakras, The Clair’s, and Meditation.

Cost: $88 Payable in Full to secure your place.

Monday 2nd October 2017 at 9.30 am please email me if you are interested.


Beginners Psychic Development Workshop

Pre-requisite Spiritual Basics Workshop

This workshop is for those of you wanting to find out about what Psychic Abilities you have and how to use them. Getting in touch with yourself and bringing an awareness to the skills you already have to release your Psychic Self.

Intermediate Psychic Development Workshop

Pre-requisite Beginners Psychic Development Workshop

In this workshop you will further develop your Psychic Abilities and strengthen your connection to yourself and an introduction to your Spirit Guides.

Advanced Psychic Development Workshop

Pre-requisites – Beginners and Intermediate Psychic Development Workshops

Beginners Mediumship Development Workshop

Intermediate Mediumship Development Workshop

Advanced Mediumship Workshop

Chakras Workshop

Creating a Dream Board for Manifestation Purposes Workshop