I have always been interested in the spirit world and believed that there was someone or something looking out for us. I just didn’t know what. Then after moving to Australia, over 10 years ago, all of the weird and wonderful things that had happened in my life all began to make sense. After meeting a stranger and talking about Spirituality, my fascination with the whole subject intensified. I studied Reiki and am a Reiki Master healer, but my passion was always to give readings and connect those departed with their loved ones still here on earth.

I am a Medium, Reiki Master, Author of Discover Spirit at Any Age and creator of Floramations Oracle Cards/App along with indie-goes.comToday…Affirmation Cards, Soul Mantra Affirmation Cards and Key to Your Spiritual Soul Oracle Cards.

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I am very passionate about what I do. Helping people was always part of the plan, I just hadn’t realized in what capacity, I am very blessed and grateful to have this gift, and my wish is that those people I come to meet along the way, can gain some comfort from the messages I deliver from their loved ones, and that they can continue their lives knowing that they aren’t far away.