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Discover Spirit at any Age - Book

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Read all about Karen’s journey into her awakening to the world of Spirit.

This book was written to bring acknowledgement to all of us that the signs from Spirit are real and around us, and that when the time is right for you, then you will notice the signs and can choose to act upon them or not. I have always had a belief in something more than what you can see, feel and touch, and have loved things that are different, so really it was no surprise that Spirit found me.

To relate to some of the stories in the book, get your own copy today.

Available from http://www.bookdepository.co.uk

Floramations Oracle Card App



I love Oracle cards and this is my very first set that I was drawn to make myself. As a very real person, with the love of flowers and my Nan guiding me from spirit – her name is Daisy! – this Oracle set emerged. The gentleness of each flower and the message from Spirit is bound together to inspire and enlighten you.

In collaboration with www.indiegoes.com my Floramations Oracle Cards are now available as an App for Iphone and Android.

To get your own version head to the App Store and Search Floramations Oracle Cards, there is a Free Demo and an option to buy. Once you buy it’s your forever.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this App and receive the messages you need in your life at the time.

Today...Affirmation Oracle Cards

Today…Affirmation Oracle Cards

These cards I designed and channelled from Spirit to bring you a Boost or tool to bring you clarity of mind. We can all at times feel down, in a negative head space or overwhelmed with life and just need a little reminder to change that train of thought.

These cards do just that. A set of 30 Oracle Cards with positive affirmations to help you get back on track.

$25 + postage per set or available in person from me.

Message me if you would like a set.


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